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CRE Development Capital is a real estate development and investment firm focused on mixed-use and multi-family, industrial, and storage development opportunities in the United States, including opportunity zones


CRE is a real estate development and investment firm focused on mixed use, multi-family, industrial, and storage opportunities worldwide, including Opportunity Zones in the U.S.

We leverage our 30 + years of real estate experience in finance, development, and construction to raise capital for acquisition, ground up, and value-add development projects.

Our funds invest directly into projects to create a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.

CRE Architectural Renderings

INTRO apartment project in Ohio City to feature “mass timber” construction

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Glimpses of Recovery and Change in Greater Phoenix

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Arizona companies primed for growth as Phoenix becomes national semiconductor hub

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Our competitive advantage

The combination of our investment experience, industry knowledge, and our proficiency with management gives CRE a competitive advantage in identifying and creating value in investment opportunities in our core markets.


We source deals via our network of brokers in each physical area of interest as well as other contacts and relationships that we have developed over the years.


We leverage the 30 plus years of experience of each of the team members to conduct deep due diligence on every potential project.


We partner with local governments within each area to build together thoughtful projects that positively impact communities, and will serve as long term improvements for current and future generations.